Birthday Girl

Despite many desperate pleas, the Earth has completed another orbit and I’m a year older. The time is passing too quickly for my liking, but there’s not much I can do but embrace the time I have.

For the past few years my birthdays have been fairly unorthodox. I’ve spent it with just my mom, doing homework, watching The Help, and eating Taco Bell. Another year was spent at a tennis tournament, napping and caring for a new sunburn.

This year, my first AP test managed to fall on the day after my birthday. That meant that I spent all of today studying for a test that I will most likely not pass. I’ll admit it. I had a couple meltdowns today but despite that, I had a good day.

I have lots of new additions to my Vera Bradley collection, two fighting Beta fish (see below), and some books that I’ve been looking forward to for months. My sister got me a new camera lens which I’m stoked about.


In the end, it doesn’t matter about the presents, the birthday tweets, or the cake. It’s the way you choose to use your day. Will you sulk about all the things that didn’t work out? Or will you look back and see all the things you accomplished then focus on the future to see all the things yet to come?

Today, I chose the latter. I’ve been on this planet for 6,935 days. There are so many things that I’ve accomplished. Yes, not every moment was perfect but that’s what makes life beautiful. And my future is bright with possibilities. I’m attending Boston College in the fall. And then who knows what? But that’s one of the fantastic things about life, the mystery of tomorrow and all the possibilities that it holds. What will you do with tomorrow?



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