Always A Reason

I’m a firm believer in the idea of everything happening for a reason. Every death, every birth, every mistake and every success is part of this grand plan. I’m not sure who’s behind this plan, whether it be fate, destiny, or God (in any of his many forms). But to me, that makes no different. The plan is the same no matter who is pulling the strings.

Why do I believe in this? Because I find safety in the idea. Why else would children die? Why would people’s lives be torn apart? If not for some greater plan that we, as humans, can’t fathom? Yes it still hurts to the point where it feels life isn’t worth it. But someday, hopefully, it will all make sense.

It’s difficult to wrap your head around. But every day I think, how would my life be different if I had done one small thing differently? Would it change at all?

What about the people around me? I’ve talked about the ripple effect on here before. It’s mind blowing if you think about it. How many lives have you saved without knowing it? How many accidents have you caused without meaning to? How many incredible things have you set into action or even just pushed along? And the most frustrating thing is, you’ll never know.

I find it important to keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and that every action has a ripple effect. Will this change how you live your life? It sure did for me!


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