Sting of Rejection

It’s getting to be that time of year when all the colleges decide whether to accept or reject the seniors who poured their heart and soul into essay after essay. And I’m no exception.

I applied to 16 colleges. I know, you’re thinking, 16? but I had trouble making up my mind on where I wanted to end up. I’d rather apply to too many than always wonder what if?

Anyways, I’ve heard back from 12 colleges so far with only two of those being rejections. That’s good, right? I guess. But when you look at the colleges that decided they didn’t want me, Washington University in St. Louis and University of Notre Dame, the distinction is evident. These two schools are top ranked in the nation. And so are the rest of the schools I have left to hear back from are too. How am I supposed to get into a number one school when the number two school rejected me? I guess I’ll find out as the week goes on but the wait will be tortuous.

To make things more complicated, these rejections have made me undermine the incredible things that I have accomplished. I got into DePauw’s Honor Scholars Program. I received acceptance AND a scholarship to Brandeis University. These things weren’t handed to me. I worked hard for them and I can’t forget that.

So no matter what happens this week, no matter how many colleges turn their noses up at me, I will remember all that I have accomplished and stay positive. Who knows, good things could be just around the corner!


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