Badge of Stubbornness

WARNING! I am on some strong pain killers and blame any errors, misspellings, or mistakes of any kind on the pills. That is all.

Some might say that I’m stubborn. Others say stupid or bullheaded or ridiculous.

All are true on most days and usually it’s something that I shy away from. But today, I wear it like a badge. I am stubborn and I’m proud of it.

Why? You ask. I’ll tell you. Yesterday, I had surgery on my knee. I’ve been having problems with it since August and hadn’t gotten a chance to fix it until recently. So I got it taken care of yesterday. But seeing as how it was the middle of the week, I refused to miss more days after being absent yesterday. This morning I pulled myself off the couch (since I normally sleep on the top bunk and couldn’t get into my bed) and got ready for school. It took a while to convince my mom to let me go, but she relented and sent me off.

My right leg (aka my dominant leg) is wrapped in gauze from my toes to mid-thigh. This meant that I had to use crutches to get around today. And that’s the choice I regret the most. After a whole day (yes, I lasted the whole day!), I was considering butt-scooting to my classes. My arms were jelly, my hips extremely sore, and my hands bruised. I was swerving on my crutches like a drunk person. But I survived! Everyone didn’t think that I could do it but I did! (I understand why no sane person comes back the day after surgery though…)

One of my nurses from yesterday called today while I was at school. My mother explained why I couldn’t come to the phone and the nurse was very impressed. But I’m sure she would have scolded me had she been able to get ahold of me.

So long story short, my stubbornness is something that I am proud of today. I may not be able to move right now but I stuck to what was important to me. I wanted to go to school and I didn’t let anyone stop me. And I blew people out of the water with my can-do attitude.

The question is — how do I do it again tomorrow?


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