The Brillance of the Young

Today, my mom left an article at my desk for me to read. Normally I just push them to the side and blow it off until I’m bored but today I didn’t. A passage from the article really resounded with me and I wanna share it with you.

It is a Chicken Soup for the Soul piece from my local newspaper. This article is by Olivia Mitchell. The author is ten years older than her little brother, Sammy, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Right before this passage, Sammy requested that his grandfather take his new toy apart. He watched has his grandfather started to dissemble the toy truck.

“When he got to the parts with wheels and gears, Sammy’s eyes lit up with wonder. His gaze was focused on the pieces coming off the truck one by one. He took each piece in his hands as it came off and examined it throughly. It was clear to me now that my brother saw things so differently than I did. He knew that the pieces worked together harmoniously, but also that each part was unique. He saw that each part had its own special purpose. It occurred to me that just like the truck, all of the “pieces” that fit together to make Sammy were pieces placed together perfectly for him. Each piece together created my brother, who sees the world in a different light from anyone I have ever known. His actions at 4 years old helped me to understand that we are all fit together in a different way for our own specific purpose. I now see the beauty in these differences.”

I love the line, “He knew that the pieces worked together harmoniously, but also that each part was unique. He saw that each part had its own special purpose.” How profound is that? Although I logically know it constantly, to see it put like that, makes me rethink how I think about people. I go back through every nasty thing I thought about someone without really knowing them or even about my friends. I think, These people are what make me, me. The world wouldn’t be the same without every single person. It’s difficult to remember that though. But every single action of every single person creates a ripple effect, whether good or bad. I picture it sorta like a lake or any body of water. If you put your finger in, you create a small ripple. If you stick your head in, the ripple gets bigger. The rings aren’t the same size or always the same shape, nor do they stay as long. Some times I see the ripple cause the water to change colors, to go from clear to murky or black. Our actions are exactly like that. Every action reaches a different amount of people, different kinds of people, and creates a different atmosphere. Without knowing it, you could be in the ripple area of someone you don’t even know. It’s important to try and keep that in mind.

“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” -Unknown


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